07 - Communication with different groups & task management

February 29, 2024

The Lab

Evangelische Altenhilfe St. Georgen im Schwarzwald

The challenge

The organisation of on-site care and administratrive tasks count for 30% of the workload of carers and caring relatives. To reduce both work and mental load we look for an easy to use integrated communication and task management tool.


The problem we are facing

In addition, carers and family carers are largely occupied with organising / administering everyday care. The nursing staff spend 30 % of their daily working time dealing with administrative tasks and forwarding them to the relevant interfaces. The care process in the home must be organised. This involves various tasks that have to be carried out by different people. Carers also have to repeatedly coordinate with various groups (relatives, pharmacy, doctors, etc.) This all takes up a lot of time in everyday life, which is not available. Many solutions are available in the form of digital apps, resulting in an abundance of solutions. A standardised presentation that connects the various partial solutions with each other can relieve carers in their everyday work. 


Possible Future

Solutions that simplify the flow of communication and relieve the burden of organisation can save a lot of time and thus relieve everyone involved.

We need a solution that helps us to link the care documentation with other groups, especially with family carers. We also need the option of chatting with family carers or other groups, exchanging data and organising tasks in compliance with data protection regulations.