Innovators wanted for a fast growing market!

Innoclusion - caring (for) innovation

With this call, we are looking for digital and innovative solutions that will tackle the needs and challenges of

  • Social service providers and their personnel
  • Our elderly and / or disabled fellow citizens
  • Their relatives
  • All the members of the caring community who stand on their side


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In Croatia and in Germany 22% of the population is 65 and older (in 2022). Forecasts for 2050 predict more than 30% (in Croatia) and more than 36% in Germany. The number of people who have disabilities but are under 65 must also be added here. This shows the enormous need for supply and the corresponding market potential.

Innoclusion is a transnational innovation project co-funded by the European Union. Under the project leadership of Diakonie Baden care providers and innovation hubs set up and run four Living Labs in Crotia and Germany to make the world a better place for those who are challenged by disabilities and the results of something that sooner or later affects all of us: the aging process.

As care providers and innovators we care for our fellow citizens in the truest sense of the word. To enable and foster the inclusion of our fellow citizens into our societies and to care for them in a humane way we need substantial technical and social innovations.

Our labs for your solution

New technologies are being developed all over and it's time to apply them to tackle our societal challenges in the sphere of social services. To foster this transformation, we establish our labs integrated into our care facilities. They are the place to be for ambitious teams to present their innovative solutions to users and buyers for in-depth evaluation and co-development.

Your solution to our challenges?

Below you will find the first nine most important challenges we and our clients face. If you think your solution will support us to tackle them successfully, apply for a place in one of our Living Labs. When we succeed together a huge market will welcome your product.

Call for application!

Tackle our Challenges!

Become a part of Innoclusion and get access to the fast-growing European care market.

Why you should apply

In our ageing societies, the market for care innovations is rapidly expanding. As we strive to enhance the quality of care and promote inclusion, there is a pressing need for both technical solutions and socio-technical innovations.

At our Living Labswe offer a unique opportunity for you and your team. Here's what you can expect:

1. real-life testing and development: Test, develop, and evaluate your solutions with end users in real-life conditions. Our environment becomes your development space.

2. business model support: We assist in creating a business model tailored to the complex care market. Drawing from our extensive knowledge, such as Diakonie's 10,000 facilities in Germany, we help customise your solution for success.

3. client and family approval: If your solution impresses our clients and their families, we support your market development. Our endorsement and social-political network facilitate the rollout and dissemination of your innovative solutions in EU markets.


How to become a part of Innoclusion?

Tackle our Challenges!

Below, you'll find a list of some of the challenges our clients and employees face every day. If you think you have a solution that can be further customised, please come and join us with your team. Your solution can be a new technology. It can also be an existing technology used in another industry that you are adopting to meet the needs of our clients or staff. It can also be a concept for an innovative social process. And it can be a bit of everything. We are open to it!

How you can apply?

You can apply to provide a solution to one or more of the challenges described below. You will find the link to the application form in the description of the challenges. You must submit a separate application for each solution.


Please follow the instructions of the application form thoroughly. Incomplete or incorrectly completed application forms will not be considered. The application does not give rise to any legal claims. Please consider our terms & conditions before you apply for becoming a part of Innoclusion.


Who can apply?

Solution providers - We are open to young innovative companies, which are often referred to as start-ups and scale-ups. But if you and your team are working for an established company, we are open to your application as well. And even if you are a student team that has not yet founded the company, don't hesitate.

For the application there are two prerequisites:

- Your technical solution has already reached TRL 5 or higher. If you are not sure about this see the TRL EU definition.

- You and your team are willing to collaborate with us in one or more of our labs on site in Croatia and/or Germany.

The further application process

From all applications, we select 40 potential solutions for an internal evaluation. From these, we select 10 teams to invite to become part of Innoclusion and work with us in one or more of our labs.

Project duration

There is no pre-set duration for your membership of our living lab. During the onboarding process we will develop a timeline and milestones for the joint project. Progress will be continuously evaluated. Unless otherwise agreed, participation in one of our Living Labs projects will automatically end with the end of the EU co-funded project Innoclusion project no.101102458.


Application is open from 01.03.2024 to 31.03.2024.

The selection process will take from 01.04.2024 to 15.04.2024.

We will start the onboarding process of the selected teams no later than four weeks after commitment.

Afterwards, the Living Labs are expected to continue.

    Any questions? Requests? Don't hesitate to ask or give feedback!

    The Challenges to tackle

    04 - Low-threshold video call system

    People with disabilities live in Diakonie Kork. Often there are considerable distances between residents and their families. They need a low-threshold and barrier-free system that allows them to get into contact remotely by following simple steps.

    read more

    05 - Digital village square

    In outpatient living, individuals with disabilities often feel lonely. We are looking for a solution that helps them to overcome the difficulty of making independent contacts and the lack of integration into activities.

    read more

    Frequently asked questions

    My solution doesn't fit into any of the 9 scenarios, what should I do?

    Definitely still apply and select "10 - My solution doesn't fit into any of the scenarios" from the selection options under "Your Solution" in the form.

    Can I apply for multiple challenges or Living Labs?


    Will companies be reimbursed for their efforts?

    The project is co-financed by the EU. The aim is to facilitate access to the social economy for companies. Direct financial participation from the EU is not envisaged. The project's goal is for suitable solutions to be applied in the social economy, which will then be reflected in a regular business relationship.

    What effort (time & resources) should a company expect?

    The effort required heavily depends on the type of solution. In the spirit of cooperative collaboration, it is in everyone's interest for the solution to be comprehensively presented, implemented, tested, and evaluated.

    Is there staff available to support solutions in the Living Lab?

    The goal is to test solutions with the target audience. If additional support personnel are needed temporarily, this can be arranged on an individual basis.

    How long is the testing phase?

    The duration of the testing phase depends on the solution and can range from a few weeks to several months. After the project ends in October 2025, the Living Labs will continue to exist and offer the option to continue testing solutions with the target audience.

    When is the project end date?

    In October 2025 - Afterwards, the Living Labs are expected to continue.

      The Innoclusion project is co-financed by the European Union

      Co-funded by the European Union