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Actinate is developing a white-labelled app for fitness studios for their teams and members. The modular system allows Actinate to distribute the app to fitness equipment manufacturers and also offer the app to companies for their company sports programmes.

Aucobo enables efficient shop floor management with decentralised communication, real-time information and optimisation of machine operation. By connecting to MES or ERP, it increases efficiency and minimises downtimes.

The BetterLife API provides accurate, constantly updated food information, ensures EU compliance and increases sales. By integrating global data pools, it saves time, protects food suppliers from EU non-compliance and offers user-friendly software.

chargeIQ makes it possible to operate and bill charging infrastructure (LIS) simply and intelligently, regardless of the manufacturer. This means that charging points can be made available to different target groups on individual terms.

Fahrschule360 specialises in the development of virtual reality training systems. The aim of implementing virtual reality in driving school training processes is to effectively bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application. provides farmers and agricultural market participants with important field information. The AI uses freely available satellite images to provide high-resolution data on soil moisture and irrigation requirements. This helps to save resources and increase yields.

Leadnow offers companies a data-driven ad manager for influencer content. The start-up automates manual processes and makes influencer marketing simple, secure, measurable and transparent.

Lemontaps is a sustainable and smart all-in-one digital business card solution that allows customers to share, capture, analyse & manage contact details, links & documents, saving paper and time.

With its web app, myScribe offers data structuring, process optimisation, resource savings and time savings for doctors through AI-generated doctor's letters and ward round lists. The language AI also helps with language barriers in medical documentation.

Onuava reduziert ungewollte Kinderlosigkeit in Deutschland durch Fertility Benefits und Family Building Benefits. Sie unterstützen Unternehmen dabei, ihre Mitarbeitenden auf dem Weg zum Wunschkind zu begleiten und fördern so die Mitarbeitergesundheit, Talentbindung und Diversität.

Psychological AI recognises emotions, decision-making processes and psychological characteristics in language. It interprets needs, transforms them into clear, convincing messages and thus achieves effective, profitable results in the communication process.

PV2+ revolutionises solar cells with cost-efficient, high-performance copper contacts, solves the silver shortage problem and promotes sustainable growth in the solar industry through process services and licences.

QRaGo digitalises processes for planned patient transports. The start-up's B2B platform enables automatic planning of orders, mediation, planning, execution, documentation and invoicing of patient transport.

With its "DocCape - AI Automated Pseudonymisation" software, scitlab digitises GDPR-compliant documents, recognises personal data, replaces it with pseudonyms and exports structure-preserving information without loss of context.

SenseING develops energy-efficient all-in-one sensor solutions for environmental detection. Its focus markets are the fully networked, energy-autonomous monitoring of cold chains in the food and pharmaceutical industries and asset tracking solutions for the construction industry.

Treye Tech offers a software solution for gaze-based control of mobile and stationary devices. The developed operating concept allows applications to be controlled by changing the direction of gaze without the use of special additional hardware.

Volcanicblue offers a software solution including a mobile app for digitising the entire inventory.

With its AI platform, WÖRK creates a link between young people and companies. They can provide authentic insights into their professional world through appealing content and challenges. In return, they gain the coveted attention of Generation Z.

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Success Stories

WÖRK with further success figures

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Success Stories-Startup | 0 Comments

Our start-up WÖRK has achieved further success: In the past two months, they were able to increase their reach on TikTok by 126,22% and on Instagram by a whole 737%. These figures prove that WÖRK knows how to reach Gen Z!

A new collaboration

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Success Stories-Startup | 0 Comments

PlanerAI wins its next major customer with its BäckerAI software: Schäfer - Dein Bäcker. This means that BäckerAI will soon be represented in more than 150 branches and many retail outlets, helping to support the company on its path to sustainability.

Innovations in the spotlight

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Success Stories-Startup | 0 Comments

After winning the BITKOM Innovators Pitch, myScribe has now also won third place in the Startup BW Elevator Pitch state competition. With these two prizes and the first paid pilot customers, the company is now moving on to the financing round.

ChargeIQ in the spotlight on SWR1

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Success Stories-Startup | 0 Comments

Our start-up ChargeIQ was interviewed in the "SWR1 Arbeitsplatz" programme about how they are improving charging infrastructure billing with their solution.

A rising star in mobility: QRaGo

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Success Stories-Startup | 0 Comments

"Everything speaks in favour of investing in the sector". In the wake of these words, mobility investor Jan-Christoph Rickers names the five most promising rising stars in the mobility sector in the magazine "Gründerszene", including our start-up "QRaGo".

Earlybird invests in sustainability

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Success Stories-Startup | 0 Comments

The Berlin-based investor is investing in our start-up PlanerAI. Together with Delivery Hero CTO Christian von Hardenberg and us, we have concluded a financing round totalling 1.2 million euros.

PlanerAI with appearance at Terra Xpress

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Success Stories-Startup | 0 Comments

Our start-up PlanerAI is committed to reducing food waste with its "BäckerAI" software, which not only saves costs but also food. Their innovative solution made it onto the Terra Xpress programme on preventing food waste.

WÖRK wins the special prize of the Jung von Matt Brand Camp

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Success Stories-Startup | 0 Comments

Our Heidelberg-based founding team of "WÖRK" (formerly "nextx"), the recruiting app for school leavers, won over the jury at the exclusive event in Berlin and secured the special prize.

Interview with Psychological AI founder Simon Tschürtz

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Success Stories-Startup | 0 Comments

Our founder Simon Tschürtz in an interview in "Human Resources Manager" - how the language analysis tool "Psychological AI" is revolutionising the recruitment process.
Solution: IoT tracker on the construction site

Industrial IoT solutions for SMEs

by | May 25, 2023 | Success Stories | 0 Comments

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the umbrella term for the networking of physical objects. The data resulting from this networking opens up opportunities for companies to make better decisions or automate processes.

myScribe in the Startup Valley News

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Success Stories-Startup | 0 Comments

Our founding team Ira Stoll and Lars Stoll in an interview about "myScribe": the software that uses AI to create fully-fledged doctor's letters in continuous text format.
Lemontaps card is scanned with the mobile phone and the profile is displayed

Digital business cards - for more efficiency and sustainability

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Success Stories | 0 Comments

Lemontaps makes exchanging contacts sustainably easy! Share and manage digital business cards with just one tap. No more wasted paper!
The founding team of PlanerAI


by | Nov 8, 2021 | Success Stories | 0 Comments

Our pre-seed startup BäckerAI introduces itself and its solution and declares war on food waste using AI.

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