Industrial IoT solutions for SMEs

May 25, 2023

SenseING has set itself the task of automating and optimising processes in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). To this end, the start-up develops IoT solutions that can be used across all industries. 

iot cloud solution

The Internet of Things (Internet of Things (IoT) is the umbrella term for the networking of physical objects. The data resulting from this networking opens up opportunities for companies to make better decisions or automate processes. 



The problem

Networking an object always requires several levels in the digital and physical world. Put simply, these are hardware and software. In terms of hardware, sensors, telematics and the energy supply are essential. In other words, "what is measured", "how is the data forwarded" and "how can the system be operated without a power cable". In the software, data must be received, stored and analysed in order to derive valuable information from the data.

The integration of IoT technologies at various levels is a complex matter. Especially when it comes to bringing hardware and software together. There are many specialised providers who offer their own products and platforms, which makes integration even more difficult.

This is where SenseING with its comprehensive managed service. The start-up offers IoT solutions that cover all levels of the Internet of Things, from hardware to commissioning. This allows customers to focus on their core business while SenseING takes care of the IoT infrastructure.

Thanks to the hardware developed in-house, the start-up can perfectly harmonise its solutions with the software and thus ensure seamless integration. What's more, the hardware solutions are the result of real customer problems and are therefore ideally tailored to the needs of our customers, explains founder Sven Kruse. The "träck" tracking solution was also developed in collaboration with project partner Peter Gross Bau.



IoT-Solution using the construction industry as an example

The core innovation, the "träck - LoRa Tracker", is primarily used in the construction industry, for example. Due to the large equipment pools and the many parallel projects, it is sometimes not known where certain equipment is located. The resulting search processes and rebooking of devices cause a great deal of effort. 

SenseING has developed an IoT solution to know which devices are located where at all times. This enables project-related live inventories to be created and other interesting environmental data to be recorded. The solution is based on LoRa wireless technology, which is particularly well known for its long range. This is particularly important in the construction industry when working on large construction sites. The solution itself consists of three components and is very easy to put into operation:



iot solution Tracker1. Träcker attach

All small appliances, i.e. everything, that is smaller than an excavator and larger than a percussion drill arem transmitter/tracker, the so-called "träck" equipped. These record movement and environmental data and send it to the nearest receiver.ongsunit.


2. install gateways

iot solution on the container

All construction sites and building yards are equipped with receivers - so-called gateways. These receive the data sent by the trackers, collect it and then send it to the cloud via the internet.



iot cloud solution3. receive & analyse data

The data is received, collected and analysed in a clearly structured cloud application. Valuable information for the customer is generated from the masses of data. In addition to project-related live inventories, even the usage data from the tracked devices can be viewed.



Experts in the networking of objects

The countless possible applications of the IoT are just as complex as its structure. Once a customer has discovered the added value of the IoT for themselves, the ideas usually just bubble up, reports Sven Kruse. There is rarely just one use case per customer. SenseING is aware of this and therefore relies on a broad supplier network. This means that the entire IoT portfolio can be covered in order to offer every customer the perfect solution. 



The team

SenseING Team

The team behind SenseING consists of the founders Sven Kruse, Kiryl Deschuk and Ivo Frank. They founded the company in 2021 and have since grown to a team of 11. Together, they are working towards their vision of becoming the German market leader for industrial IoT solutions as a Managed-service. The team can draw on many years of experience in the customised development and implementation of electronic components. The team has already successfully established itself and won over well-known customers from the logistics, construction and laboratory sectors. 



SenseING x innoWerft

We are excited about the innovative solutions for the Internet of Things that SenseING developed. Since the start of our collaboration in 2021, we have accompanied the team on its journey and thereby primarily in the areas of business development and finance. We are proud to be part of the success story of this innovative IoT start-up and look forward to continuing to advance the world of connected things together.