Digital business cards - for more efficiency and sustainability

February 01, 2023

Digital business card

How our portfolio startup Lemontaps is making its all-in-one solution a success

No more wasted paper and lost contacts! The Stuttgart start-up Lemontaps makes contact exchange efficient and sustainable with its all-in-one solution for digital business cards, with which contact data, links and documents can be shared, recorded, analysed and managed. And all with just one tap!


Problems with conventional business cards

Business cards are still widely used today, as they fulfil a useful function. Participants at trade fairs, conferences or other business events, as well as business partners in general, like to exchange business cards with each other after they have personally introduced themselves and their services. The hope is to be remembered by giving out business cards and to end up in the address book of new business partners for future contact. More and more often, a special design, a selected paper quality for a special feel or even an unusual format is chosen in order to stand out from the mass of standard business cards.

Unfortunately, this is the reality:

An immense number of paper business cards simply end up in the bin! A whopping 88 per cent, to be precise. What's more, very few people actually bother to save the analogue information on their business cards digitally. And who still carries a business card case around with them? If the contacts are not stored in the mobile phone, they simply do not exist.

If a contact has made it into the digital address book and has been saved correctly - another possible source of error - more detailed information is usually missing in order to remember the encounter. "What does the person do again? Where did I meet them and what did we talk about?"

With the digital business card from Lemontaps, these problems are solved simply and sustainably. The advantages are obvious:

  • No more wasted paper,
  • always up-to-date data,
  • with all relevant information and
  • The company presents itself as a digital and sustainable pioneer.

In addition, a digital business card is the ice-breaker to start a conversation!


How the Lemontaps digital business card works


Create profile

Behind the digital business card is the digital profile of a company with all relevant contact information (name, position, e-mail, telephone, address, etc.), links and files to replace flyers and brochures, for example. This profile can be created free of charge in the starter version by registering with Lemontaps registered and created an account.

Share profile

The profile can now be shared in various ways, as you are effectively sharing a website.


QR codes

1. via QR code:

A personalised QR code is available for download as a .png in the account. This can be generated as a background for the mobile phone lock screen for easy digital sharing. For online events or video calls, an individualised background can also be created with the QR code for online networking.



Per link

2. by link

Even after a business event or when a new contact is contacted by email, your own data can be transmitted without any problems. As the digital profile is a website, it can be shared as a link, e.g. by integrating it into email signatures or social media profiles.


NFC business card from innoWerft


3. via NFC function

If you want to network even more conveniently, you can order an optional NFC card. This "real" business card - optionally made of Bamboorecycled plastic or Metal - uses an NFC chip (Near Field Communication), which enables contact data to be shared by touching the card with a mobile phone. The card can be customised to your own corporate design using a design tool.



Digital business card for companies

Specialised in the needs of companies

Lemontaps also offers companies with several employees a Management platformon which several profiles are managed centrally within a company. This platform can be customised - rights and roles can be assigned to employees and the software platform can be designed according to the corporate identity. Integrations and interfaces for the company's own domain, Active Directory and CRM system, as well as single sign-on login are also possible. Further features of the digital business card are available here.


The team behind the digital business cards

Who is behind it

Behind the young, successful company are the two KIT industrial engineers Anna Loerzer and Raji Sarhi, as well as their fifteen-strong team from Stuttgart. Since Lemontaps was founded in 2021, they have supported several thousand corporate users in 30 different countries across all industries. A considerable number of well-known clients - from banks and consultants to insurers, real estate agencies and freelancers - rely on the expertise of the Lemontaps team


Lemontaps x innoWerft

Lemontaps - the No. 1 for digital business cards from Germany

Convincing design and an excellent user experience - this is how

Networking raised to a new level. What makes Lemontaps stand out in our eyes? A quick and easy implementation, their personalised customer service and high data protection guidelines. Developed in Germany, the digital business cards are transmitted with secure SSL encryption and hosted on ISO 27001 certified data centres in Frankfurt.

All services are GDPR-compliant and tailored to the needs of companies. It couldn't be better!


This solution convinced us, which is why we have been involved in Lemontaps since 2021. Since then, we have been supporting the founders with our expertise in sales, fundraising and business development. Of course, we are also a Lemontaps customer ourselves and have equipped our entire team with digital business cards. Networking is part of our daily work and Lemontaps offers us the ideal solution for this. Against paper waste and for a sustainable, innovative exchange of contacts - with just one tap!