04 - Low-threshold video call system

February 29, 2024

The Lab

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The challenge

People with disabilities live in Diakonie Kork. Often there are considerable distances between residents and their families. They need a low-threshold and barrier-free system that allows them to get into contact remotely by following simple steps.


The problem we are facing

Many people with disabilities and epilepsy live in Diakonie Kork. These people need professional support to be able to cope with their everyday lives. To do this, its often needed for them to move away from their family and into a facility for people with disabilities. Because of the specialization in epilepsy, Diakonie Kork, unlike other facilities in Germany, can accommodate people from all over the country and not just from the local region. This leads to long distances between people with disabilities and their relatives and to infrequent contact. To get in contakt with their relatives its often needed that assistants support the people with disabilities.


What kind of solution is needed 

The people at Diakonie Kork are sometimes severely limited in terms of motor skills, haptics and didactics due to their disabilities. This makes it difficult for them to use conventional hardware and software systems. They need a low-threshold and barrier-free system that allows them to reach their goal by following simple steps. There should be no small buttons on the device, icons in the device or anything like that in the way. 


Possible Future 

At Diakonie Kork we are committed to supporting people with disabilities. In the spirit of integration assistance, our goal is to enable people to live their lives as independently as possible and to encourage people with disabilities in their independence through various offers. With such a system you will help us take another important step towards achieving this goal.