Early-stage investor wanted: We'll tell you who's right for you!

January 26, 2024

Finding the right early-stage investor for your startup is not easy. Who is the right investor for you depends on

  • the Investment phase (Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B),
  • the Investment requirements (start-up financing, business expansion, growth acceleration, scaling) and
  • the strategic orientation (financial investors, strategic investors).

Depending on the phase in which you need financing, you will decide whether you want to

  • mainly financial support and that on a larger scale or
  • only need start-up funding, but also valuable operational support.


The offer is diverse

In Germany, there is a diverse landscape of early-stage investors specialising in different types of startups and industries. These investors play a crucial role in the early phase of start-ups by providing capital, networks and expertise. Prominent early-stage investors include angel investors, seed funds, accelerators, family offices and corporate venture capitalists (CVC).

Angel investors

Also known as business angels, they are usually individuals who invest their own capital in promising start-ups. However, they can support you not only with financial resources, but above all with their management experience, industry expertise and network. They are particularly useful for your start-up when it is still in the idea or prototype phase.



are programmes that provide start-ups with intensive support within a certain period of time, often with extensive consulting and support services. They provide mentors and coaches as well as contacts to potential first customers and investors. Some also offer working spaces for free use. They are particularly suitable for start-ups that want to scale up quickly and can benefit from structured support and networking opportunities.


Family Offices

are particularly suitable for your startup if you are looking for a stable and long-term source of funding. This type of investor can also provide valuable networks and resources, especially if the family office has experience in your startup's industry. In addition, family offices are often willing to provide further capital in later financing rounds, which can be crucial for the growth of your startup.


Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)

are investment arms of established companies that invest in start-ups in order to gain access to innovative technologies or business models. CVCs are suitable for your startup if you are looking for synergies with larger, established companies and could benefit from their resources.


Venture capital companies (VC)

are often organised as funds and invest the capital of their investors. Their aim is to sell their shares in young innovation companies within 3-7 years with the highest possible return. For the most part, they give you, the founder, a free hand, as they pursue purely financial goals. Find out more about VCs and VC financing in this article.


Everything clear?

What all venture capitalists have in common is the motivation to invest in an up-and-coming company and participate in its success. In your success. That's why you should carefully check who suits you. Do you need support in deciding which early-stage investor is right for you? Or help in your search for a business angel or VC fund? Contact us us without obligation! Together we will find the right path for your company.