Female Founded B2B Startups in BW

March 27, 2024

There are many impressive success stories to tell in the world of B2B start-ups from Baden-Württemberg, but in this article we want to focus on the female founders in particular.

With the support of our LinkedIncommunity, a new ecosystem map has been created that provides an overview of B2B start-ups founded by women in Baden-Württemberg. Above all, however, this map is also a tool to showcase the diversity and strength of female entrepreneurs.

In this article, we not only take a look at the map, but also introduce you to the inspiring solutions of the individual companies.

Let's dive in together and explore the world of female founded B2B startups in Baden-Württemberg!

Ecosystem Map - female founded B2B startups in BW

MedTech & BioTech

Circular Economy


No Code

Laigo GmbH is an innovative AI company based in Friedrichshafen, Germany, founded in 2022. Laigo's founders have a vision to make AI more accessible and effective for businesses, and their platform focuses on privacy and security to increase the efficiency of organisations worldwide. With their no-code machine learning platform, software developers can create AI models without specialised knowledge. Laigo offers powerful AI features such as text recognition and document processing to add exceptional value to software, including full support for Cyrillic fonts. They enable independent software vendors to utilise AI to improve analysis and unlock new levels of efficiency and security


The Voleatech GmbH is a company that specialises in OT network security and protects critical infrastructures, industry and authorities from cyber threats with its VT AIR technology. Their VT AIR Next Gen Firewall provides visibility and security for organisations, especially in critical infrastructures. The VT AIR Advanced Industrial Router is a flexible solution for organisations that require reliable network connectivity.




MarTech & Sales


HQS Quantum Simulations is a company specialising in the development of quantum algorithms that enable the prediction of molecular properties for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. HQS's software integrates seamlessly into existing workflows and facilitates the transition to quantum computing technology for customers. The founders are Dr Iris Schwenk, Dr Michael Marthaler, Dr Sebastian Zanker and Dr Jan Reiner and they are driving the quantum revolution with HQS.


PACEUPinvest is a platform that specialises in simplifying debt management, savings, investments, retirement planning and estate planning. The platform utilises artificial intelligence (AI) tools to make complex financial concepts understandable and offers gamified approaches to promote financial literacy. Users receive smart guidance and customised investment strategies while getting support from financial experts for complex financial needs. The goal is to enable sustainable and intergenerational prosperity.

AI monitoring