"Fast and surprisingly uncomplicated" - this is how the two founders of the Mannheim-based start-up Volcanic blueStephan Grabaum and Marc-Phillipp Böckle, the process of the programme Start-up BW Pre-Seed of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The young company was one of the first start-ups in Baden-Württemberg to receive funding from the state in the amount of 100,000 euros.

"Volcanicblue convinced us with its innovative offering and its potential for extremely fast, scalable market penetration," says Dr Thomas Lindner, Managing Director of innoWerft Walldorf. "We are of the opinion that the start-up is the right addressee for the start-up funding from the state," Lindner continued.

The state of Baden-Württemberg has been supporting start-ups with easily accessible pre-seed funding since the end of 2018 and has made a total of 14 million euros available for this purpose until the end of 2019. The funds are allocated in close cooperation with experienced accelerators and incubators. Pre-seed financing totalling up to 400,000 euros is awarded per start-up. The processing is carried out by the L-Bank.


How fast is it really going now?

In February this year, the start-up made contact with innoWerft at the Start-up BW Summit. Having already been successful in the run-up to the Up2B Firecamp 2018, it used the feedback from the programme to further refine its own offering. The consistently positive feedback on Volcanicblue's pitch to the Rhine-Neckar Pre-Seed Board in Mannheim led to the rapid submission of the joint pre-seed application to L-Bank. innoWerft acted as support partner and co-investor. The application was approved within just 11 days and once the signed contracts were available, the financing was also disbursed by L-Bank within a very short time.

Pre-seed drain Volcanicblue


What the start-up Volcanicblue says about innoWerft as a start-up BW pre-seed support partner

"In innoWerft, we have found a partner who has not only impressed us with its extremely competent staff, but above all shares our enthusiasm for stable and organically growing start-ups. This enthusiasm was repeatedly confirmed to us at every stage of the application process for the pre-seed programme through precise answers to our many questions. The decision to tackle the BW Pre-Seed Programme with innoWerft as our support partner was therefore made very easy for us, and we are therefore happy to recommend innoWerft without reservation. In our view, the BW Pre-Seed Programme is the optimal support for young companies thanks to the very favourable financing on the one hand and the granting of largely unchanged entrepreneurial freedom on the other."


What does the start-up Volcanicblue do?

The Mannheim-based start-up is driving forward the digitalisation and optimisation of the inventory process in a fast-track procedure with Take My Stock (TMS). The TMS software automates and supports the entire stocktaking process with the help of a mobile application in conjunction with a central administration tool. Enormous time savings and accurate data are an important part of the results delivered by the solution from start-up Volcanicblue.


What problem does Volcanicblue address?

Even today, company inventories are still often carried out with pen and paper. This results in a lot of time being wasted searching for items on the inventory list and unnecessary walking. Another problem: a complex system landscape often results in high costs when switching to scanner-only solutions. In addition, there is still a high error rate when recording and transferring data records into the system.


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