Discover the Start-up BW Elevator Pitch: A platform for aspiring entrepreneurs

November 05, 2017

Since 2013, the Start-up BW Elevator Pitch has offered founders, start-ups and young companies in Baden-Württemberg a unique opportunity to present their business ideas to a wide audience. This state-wide competition is more than just an event - it is a platform that enables ambitious entrepreneurs to present their visions to a jury of experts and an interested audience.

With the bundling of all activities of the state government to promote start-ups in the state of Baden-Württemberg under the umbrella brand "Start-up BW", the Elevator Pitch was also given a new design. However, the tried-and-tested format has remained the same since 2013.


Insight into the event format

The idea behind the Start-up BW Elevator Pitch is simple: in just three minutes, you have the opportunity to get to the heart of your business idea and inspire the audience. It's not about presenting an elaborate business plan, but rather about conveying the essence of your idea clearly and convincingly. The event format offers space for creativity and conciseness, and every start-up that is no older than 3 years and based in Baden-Württemberg - regardless of the start-up stage - is invited to take part.


Special Cups and regional qualifiers

In addition to the main competition, there are also Special Cups, which are dedicated to specific focus topics or industries. These offer an additional opportunity for entrepreneurs to present themselves and network with like-minded people.

Regional preliminary rounds are also organised, giving you the chance to qualify for the national final.


So if you have an innovative business idea and are ready to present it to a wide audience, then the Start-up BW Elevator Pitch is just right for you.

Further information and the current dates, as well as conditions of participation can be found here.

Do you want to use this opportunity to promote your idea and expand your network? Then get in touch with us and we'll get you ready for the pitch together: