More success in sales through psychological AI: 100Words & BONAGO

Founded in 2017, the start-up 100Words offers the leading analysis method for recognising emotion and personal characteristics from speech with its Psychological AI. Decisive information about customers, their evaluation of products and applicants can be objectively determined from 100 words of text. This enables them to optimise their communication processes in a targeted manner.

The Munich-based company BONAGO Incentive Marketing Group develops and distributes concepts for incentives for customers, sales and employees. In marketing, the targeted use of incentives creates emotional added value for customers, which is essential for the success of a company.

BONAGO uses 100Words Psychological AI to better understand target groups and optimise customer communication. As a result, sales increased by 25.7% and 19% more leads were generated. In 60 minutes, the two companies will report on successful digitalisation in sales and share their experiences of successful collaboration. Afterwards, they will take time to answer your questions.


Do digitalisation!

A digital workshop series from innoWerft and in the digital hub kurpfalz@bw supported by the Federal Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (BVMW).

Not least during the coronavirus crisis, it became clear which digitalisation potential companies still need to leverage in order to remain successful on the market in the long term. From intelligent shop floor management and the contactless control of systems in production to intelligent logistics and predictive maintenance, from digital sales communication to AI-supported HR support and development - almost all areas of a company benefit from innovative solutions. Many of these solutions come from start-ups: young, highly professional companies focussing on the use of the latest technologies in industry.

In the workshop series "Do digitalisation!", companies present how they benefit from cooperating with industrial start-ups. Experience what is already possible today in the various sectors and what it brings - feasibility guaranteed!