E-health, start-ups and industrial companies - how do they fit together?

February 09, 2021

International student team & medical device company HARTMANN shape digital innovation

Inspired by its own focus on customer orientation, the HARTMANN GROUP an international team of students from the inno.space (Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Germany) and Sandbox (University of Tartu, Estonia) were challenged to develop digital support for people who are responsible for the home care of incontinent relatives.

As one of the pioneers in the healthcare sector with almost 200 years of tradition, the HARTMANN GROUP is constantly on the lookout for innovations. As a specialist in the healthcare sector, HARTMANN focuses on disinfection, incontinence and wound management. Over the past few months, the students have followed a strict innovation process to determine the needs of carers and derived various concepts from these, which then led to a digital solution in several iterations through continuous user testing. The human being was always placed at the centre of the technology design.

How can a course contribute to the digitalisation and inspiration of a company as well as promote the skills development of future visionaries?

In a 60-minute presentation, we shed light on the project to answer this question from three perspectives - HARTMANN, students and inno.space. We will provide insights into the profitable collaboration between the company and the university to identify innovative paths to digitalisation.

Do digitalisation! A series of digital workshops organised by innoWerft and inno.space at the digital hub kurpfalz@bw

Not least during the coronavirus crisis, it became clear which digitalisation potential companies still need to leverage in order to remain successful on the market in the long term. From intelligent shop floor management and the contactless control of systems in production to intelligent logistics and predictive maintenance, from digital sales communication to AI-supported HR support and development - almost all areas of a company benefit from innovative solutions.

In the workshop series "Making digitalisation happen!", companies present how they benefit from cooperating with industry start-ups and universities. Experience what is already possible in the various sectors today and what the benefits are - feasibility guaranteed!