Innoclusion: Digital solutions for a more inclusive society

February 29, 2024

Logo innoclusionInnoclusion is setting new standards in the development of digital and sustainable solutions for people with disabilities. Together, we want to help improve the quality of life and participation of people with physical and cognitive disabilities in the long term. 

Innoclusion is a German-Croatian innovation project funded by the EU as part of the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation. Under the leadership of the Diakonie Baden we, the innoWerft, work together with the Diaconia Korkthe St. Georgen Protestant Care Centre for the Elderlythe CPUK -Centar za pomoć u kući Međimurske županije, Udruga VAL Lastovo and the ACT Group together.

The problem of ageing societies in Europe is well known. In Croatia and Germany, 22 per cent of the population will be aged 65 and over by 2022. Forecasts for the year 2050 predict an increase to over 30 per cent in Croatia and over 36 per cent in Germany. However, the number of people with disabilities is also rising continuously. This results in an enormous increase in the need for care and support and a large market for innovative solutions. 

 Participation means having a place in our society. Considerable technical and social innovations are required to enable our disabled fellow citizens to have such a place and to support them in leading a dignified life. 

 The Innoclusion project involves the development of customised solutions that are to be launched on the market by the end of 2025. Four Living Labs are being set up specifically for this purpose, two in Germany and two in Croatia. Selected start-ups and established companies will develop, test and optimise their solutions here together with users under real conditions, i.e. in the regular operation of social facilities. The close cooperation between innovative solution providers and the target groups in the living labs enables the development of customised solutions that truly meet the needs of users. 

The Innoclusion project is not only an opportunity for innovative solution providers, but also an important step towards a more inclusive society that is accessible to all. 


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