AI Accelerator: innovation driver for the AI industry

March 04, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a driving force behind the technological revolution that is changing our daily lives and the business world. In the exciting era of AI innovation, AI accelerators such as the AI Accelerator play an important role, as the increasing use of AI creates opportunities for exciting start-ups that are using AI to drive ground-breaking innovations and need support along the way. 


What is the AI Accelerator? 

The AI Accelerator is a pioneering accelerator for AI start-ups. As a joint initiative of IPAI, Campus Founders and the innoWerft it supports AI start-ups with customised programmes and workshops. With expertise, targeted coaching and valuable networks, the aim is to lay the foundations for the success of AI start-ups. 


Programme overview 

The AI Accelerator offers two key programmes: 

  • AI Start: A 4-week intensive programme for prospective founders or recently founded start-ups who want to develop AI-based ideas. Participants develop and validate AI-based business models and gain insights into business components such as value proposition, prototype development, AI development and business models through mentoring and expert coaching. 
  • AI Scale: Offers specialised 1-2 day "tracks" to support the growth of startups in the field of artificial intelligence. These tracks provide targeted mentoring in various key areas. Each workshop is self-contained, allowing participants to apply for multiple tracks and create a unique and individual entrepreneurial development: be it building a team culture, building and optimising sales or connecting with investors or corporates. 


Goal of the AI Accelerator 

The overarching goal of the AI Accelerator is to drive the development and implementation of AI technologies by providing startups and companies with valuable resources and support. By fostering innovation and collaboration, the AI Accelerator helps to further strengthen the AI industry and create forward-looking solutions. 


Participation in the AI Accelerator 

Interested parties can apply for the various AI Accelerator programmes and receive a free place. Further information on the application and selection process is available on the respective programme pages. 

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